Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My Momma had a "green thumb". Any plant that she touched thrived, and grew lush and beautiful. She could take the smallest bit of a plant and grow it into a thing of great beauty.

I, on the other hand, have a "BLACK thumb". I can take the most beautiful healthy plant and reduce it to "compost" in an amazingly short time.

Momma knew the way to bring out the best in a plant... just how much water... and just how much fertilizer. She knew whether that plant enjoyed the bright sunshine... or whether it flourished best in partial shade.She always managed to put that plant in the "best environment" to get the most positive results.

When a gardener plants a seed, they don't plant an pumpkin seed and expect a watermelon to grow. They don't plant a tomato plant and expect to receive oranges. Corn is used to grow corn, and potatoes are used to grow potatoes.

All things in nature can be seen in spiritual parallels. In the spiritual realm, I can't "plant" angry words and actions, and expect to "reap" a calm atmosphere. I can't plant seeds of discord and strife, and expect to "reap" harmony in my household... or my workplace... or my school.

If I want to see love and joy "growing" abundantly in my friends and family, then I must plant words and actions of love... I must "sow" those thing which will produce what I want to "harvest".

Is it my desire to be treated with respect? Then I must treat others with respect. Do I desire to be shown kindness? Then I must make it my habit to treat others with kindness.

I want to "grow" a "harvest of love" in the "garden of my family"... so I should concentrate on treating each of them as I want them to treat me. I should put their wants and desires above my own, and be willing to let someone else have their way... or go first.

In the "garden of life", we must plant "seeds" of love, kindness, honor, trust, and dependability if we want to "reap a harvest" of these qualities in our own lives.

One of God's spiritual principles is... "whatever a person sows, that shall they also reap."

What kind of seeds are you planting?

Lord, help us to only speak words that impart your grace and love to others!


Special K said...

OH me...I was ok until you ASKED what kind of seeds am **I** planting...very timely...very convicting...thank you...you are a blessing...now please pray that I will sew the seeds I desire to have spring up...I'm too good at sewing the wrong ones especially at home where I am most 'comfy'

Lord, forgive me...help me...I can't but You can...